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IBSF World trophy (Men) retained in Asia for 5th time in row

IBSF World Snooker Men's trophy is now confirmed to stay in Asia for the fifth time in a row. The only player in top 8 of SEAWAYS IBSF World Snooker championship 2014 who was not from Asia was Adrian Ridley of Australia, and the current world No.2 Zhao Xintong of China knocked him out 6-4 from in the quarter-final match been played today morning.

Icing on the cake that Zhao set the highest break of the competition scoring 139 in the ninth frame of this match. He surpassed Gareth Allen's high break of 134.

Adrian started on a good node and at a time he was leading 3-1 and then 4-2. Even he scored a break of 52 points in seventh frame as well but couldn't save the frame. After that Zhao maintained complete consistency in winning next frames including magnificent break of 139 points to knockout Adrian and to keep the trophy for Asia.

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