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WALES-1 suffers early exit from World Cup

Darryl Hill of Isle of Man Darryl Hill of Isle of Man IBSF Media
One of the strong title contender, Wales-1 comprises of Andrew Pagett and Alex Taubman crashes out from World Snooker Team Cup 2018 after losing both group D matches on first day itself.

Though Andrew Pagett gave an excellent start by winning the first frame 94-14 against Sean Corkish but the crucial fourth frame he required to win, missed on last pink despite being terribly down where he required three snookers.

On the other side, full credit goes to Darryl Hill of Isle of Man, who not only curtailed Alex Taubman in second frame but also shown excellent potting skills in fourth frame to send strong opposition to Pagett.

In another match, team Pakistan-1 (Muhammad Asif, Babar Masih) who had lost the first match today morning, secured 3-0 win in the next match against Iraq to stay in the competition.
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