IBSF Statement: 24th January 2018

IBSF Statement: 24th January 2018

Dear Members

The IBSF recently attended a meeting with the WPBSA hosted by the WCBS in Lausanne on the 18th January.
Each side were asked to give a brief summary of their current position

The WCBS stated from the start of the meeting that they do not recognize the newly formed WSF.
The WCBS stated their interpretation of the snooker membership was to recognize the independent membership of the IBSF and WPBSA.
It was never stated or agreed during the meeting that the Snooker member of the WCBS was an organisation known as the WSF.
It was never stated or agreed that if the WPBSA holds individual membership of the WCBS, it also holds this membership on behalf of the WSF and its many members.

The IBSF recognised that the WSF may continue to exist as a pathway for players to attain professional status, although there were differences of opinion as to how this could be achieved.
However the IBSF made it very clear they could not accept the WSF were entitled to seek membership from National Federations.
In the interest of moving forward the IBSF were prepared to accept the WSF may seek membership from individual players who wished to compete for main tour places only.

The WPBSA did state at the meeting that for qualification to the World Snooker Tour, federations staging or sending players to tour qualifying events must be members of the World Snooker Federation. The WPBSA did also state that National Federations can be members of any other National, Regional or International Federation.

The IBSF did not agree with the above statements from the WPBSA and did not agree to the establishing of a second International Federation for National Governing bodies. The IBSF also stated that if we allowed two International Federations for Snooker why stop at two, why not have 3 or 4 Federations.
It was also stated by the other members of the WCBS Pool and Carom that there could not be two International Federations representing National Federations

The IBSF committed to a further meeting on 6th February with the WPBSA to explore how the IBSF and WSF can coexist.
It was recognised by all parties that the WCBS constitution is in need of review to ensure compliance to the current Olympic Charter.

The IBSF requested the WPBSA speak with the EBSA board and agree an extension of the deadline for national federations to become WSF members and enable their players to compete for main tour places at the 2018 EBSA European Championships until after the agreed meeting between the IBSF and WPBSA on the 6th February.
Extending the deadline from the 22nd January to the 31st of January is of no benefit and shows the WPBSA have not taken due consideration of the IBSF position in this matter.

The IBSF are clear that they are the recognised International Federation for National Federations and there is not a need for another.
The IBSF accept that the WPBSA are the recognised Organisation for professional players and those players aspiring to be a professional.

The WCBS requested the WPBSA confirm the number of countries who have joined the WSF.
The only reply offered was “many countries”. Why is there such secrecy surrounding membership of WSF?

Finally the IBSF fully support the statement issued by the WCBS and view it as an accurate account of the meeting.

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