Advani conquers Point format of 2016 World Billiards

Pankaj Advani with BSFI officials Pankaj Advani with BSFI officials IBSF Media

The golden boy from India Pankaj Advani has once again proved his supremacy in the three balls game ‘billiards’ by winning the 2016 World Billiards Point format championship here at Bengaluru, India. To win the title, he defeated another great name in the world of billiards, Peter Gilchrist of Singapore, who had won the world title in Long Up version four days back.

Pankaj was consistent throughout the 150-Up competition and registered one-sided win in most of his matches. In the final also, he played like a champion crafted breaks in each game he played.

He controlled the match since start and pocketed first two games to take initial lead. In fact he was about to pocket the third game also but gave a chance on a score of 124 and Peter capitalized the same with a break of 112 to cut down the lead and further he levelled 2-all by winning the fourth game as well.

After that there were couple of miss calculations from Peter that Pankaj capitalized properly and went ahead to lead 4-2.

However, Peter managed to grab one more game but that remained the last win for him as Advani accelerated with the break of 110 to seal 8th game and later compiled two breaks of 62 and 88 to win his 16th World Championship and said good-bye to the year 2016 wearing gold medal.

As he won the title in his home ground, his brother joined us in media room and asked few questions to his younger brother. Lets hear the conversation between them:

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