Gilchrist survives; Alok falters again

Peter Gilchrist - Singapore Peter Gilchrist - Singapore IBSF Media

The second session match of Day 2 between multiple time World champion, Peter Gilchrist of Singapore, and the much talented Indian youngster Dhvaj Haria was played at very high level and actually Gilchrist had to sweat hard to secure his match by merely 17 points.

Both of them played outstanding game of billiards and the entire match swung like a pendulum. Peter crafted breaks of 54, 156 and 61, which were quite maturely countered by Dhvaj having breaks of 134 and 56. Towards the end, Peter gained the lead and was quite close to reach 500 points but went out of position and gave a chance.

Dhvaj, who was eagerly waiting for a chance, immediately grabbed that and not only chased the trail but also went ahead of Gilchrist. But something else was destined as he missed out short 15 points against a much experienced player like Peter Gilchrist, who after that did not give any further chance and closed the proceedings 502-485.

Former Asian champion, Alok Kumar’s struggle continues as he lost his third match in a row. Though in today’s match he gave a tough fight to his compatriot Siddharth Parikh with top breaks of 51, 86, 72 and 57 but failed to deliver a successful closing and bowed against Parikh 442-501.

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