Amir Sarkhosh emerging as break machine

Amir Sarkhosh - Iran Amir Sarkhosh - Iran IBSF Media

It’s the second day of competition and so far Amir Sarkhosh from Iran has already made five breaks in two matches he played. Yesterday he made three breaks but couldn’t reached the three digit, succeeded today and made 113 while playing against Marios Kleitou of Cyprus.

The first frame he won by narrow margin but in second he made a good clearance of 72 points and the best came after that where he made a total clearance of 113 points. By that time, Sarkhosh had already dominated and won the fourth frame too to register 4-nil win.

Marcin Nitschke from Poland spent some tough time before winning his match 4-3 against Hamed Zarehdoost of Iran.

Hamed gave a good start to his match with an opening break of 51 points to take 2-0 lead. In that situation, Marcin shown her determination and not only he recovered but also stepped ahead by crafting three consecutive breaks of 50, 67 and 70 in next three frames.

Although it was not theend of hardship as Hamed bounced back with another frame win to level the match. Even the decider was close but Marcin held his nerve better in the last moment of play and won 67-53 to close down the match proceedings 4-3.

In women’s category, the reigning champion Wendy Jans of Belgium shown some good break building to Ka Kai Wan of Hong Kong as she crafted 4 breaks in all three frames she played. She made 32 and 35 in first frame, followed by 35 and 33 in second and third frames respectively to win 3-nil.

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