Darren Morgan to meet Chau Hon Man in World 6Reds final

Darren Morgan - Wales and Chau Hon Man - Hong Kong Darren Morgan - Wales and Chau Hon Man - Hong Kong IBSF Media

Multiple time IBSF champion and former Pro player, Darren Morgan of Wales, has entered in the final of IBSF World 6Reds final. He beat Moh Keen Hoo 5-4 in the Semi Final to appear first time in the 6Reds final.

Darren had taken good lead by winning first three frames 38-14, 27-14 and 51-09 and it was looking that he will make it thru easily but Moh Keen Hoo get back on to the job and scored two breaks of 31 and 33 points in next two frames and narrowed down the lead 2-3.

In the sixth frame, Darren crafted two breaks of 37 and 32 points to keep up the lead but once again Moh Keen Hoo made a comeback and cleared next two frames to set decider.

Darren had the last chance, which he converted into 55 points clearance to knockout Moh and made his maiden appearance in the final of IBSF 6Reds.

This is the second time when a Welshman has entered in IBSF World 6Reds championship. Earlier Duane Jones was in the final of inaugural World 6Reds at Carlow, which he won and become champion.

In the final, Darren will meet Hong Kong player Chau Hon Man who is also appearing first time in the final of IBSF World 6Reds competition. He defeated another Welsh player Andrew Pagett 5 frames to 3.

In Semis, Chau was down 1 frame to 3 and then he made a comeback to win four frames in a row to knock out Andrew.

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