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Khalid Kamali wins tough battle against Shivam Arora

IBSF Media IBSF Media Khalid Kamali - UAE

UAE player, Khalid Kamali won the decider frame Against former World 6Reds No.3 Shivam Arora of India. It was tough for Khalid to go thru this but he well calculated and registered his first win in the tournament.

The entire match swung like a pendulum where both the players won alternate matches having last stroke by Kamali to win 4-3.

Khalid started well with a break of 33 points when Shivam countered him posting break of 51 points in frame-2. In fourth frame also Khalid made a break of 36 points but lost by one point (36-37). In decider Shivam was trailing by 22 points when he attempted to plant a snooker behind blue rolling pink ball but miscalculated the shot and left all open for Khalid, which he addressed well and won the match scoring 38-21 in decider.

Another player from UAE, Mohammed Al Joaker also registered 4-0 win over India’s Vijay Goel. Vijay had chances at some stages but failed to capitalize them. In fact he had decent lead in 3rd frame but lost 37-42 and after that Joaker sealed the match by winning fourth frame 41-29.

Babar Masih of Pakistan faced no hurdle in defeating Mhanaa Alobaidli of Qatar. Mhanna hardly got any chance and lost 0-4.

World Snooker Masters Champion, Phishit Chandsri, saved his match on time. He was down 2 frames against Indian player, Sundee Gulati, but after that he controlled the match his way and scored 85-0, 40-6, 40-16 and 35-27 to win 4-2.

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