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IBSF Annual General Meeting

IBSF AGM 2013 IBSF AGM 2013 IBSF Media

India to host 2014 World Championship; 2015 will be hosted by South Africa

Last night the Annual General Meeting of IBSF was held in Hotel Latgola, Daugavpils and discussed many topics.

The IBSF President, Jim Leacy has completed his one year in office and he tabled reports on the developmental activities held during the year and submitted the plans for the years to come. The activities took place during the year were setup IBSF Headquarter in Dubai, developing relations with World Professional Body (WPBSA), Introducing New IBSF Website, and inauguration of World 6 Reds championship along with revival of World team championship after a gap of 7 years.

The AGM has also agreed to increase the annual affiliation fee from $300 to $400. The same will be effective from January 1st, 2014. The IBSF President thanked all countries for accepting.

This increase will help to reduce the burden of prize fund, which is now been paid by IBSF.

The General Secretary, Mr. Kammah asked countries who wished to host next year's championship and it was a moment of pride for IBSF that not only for 2014, the countries shown their interest but for 2015 and 2016 as well.

The host countries for next year is:

Capt. Mohan bidding for 2014 World Championship in IndiaEgypt (Sharm-El-Sheikh) - 2014 IBSF World 6-Red and World Team Snooker.

Russia (St. Petersburg) - 2014 IBSF World Under-21 Snooker Championship (to be confirmed)

England (Leeds) - 2014 World Billiards Championships

India (Bangalore) - 2014 IBSF World Championships (Men, Women and Masters).


Sam Louw bidding for 2015 World Championship in South AfricaThe proposed host countries for 2015 are:

Pakistan (Karachi) - 2015 IBSF World 6-Red and World Team Snooker.

England (Leeds) - 2015 World Billiards Championships

South Africa (Cape Town) - 2015 IBSF World Championships (Men, Women and Masters)

Qatar - 2016 IBSF World Championships (Men, Women and Masters)
( to be confirmed)

The meeting ended with vote of thanks to Latvian Federation for their hospitality and efforts to host 2013 championship.

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