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Asif missed the possible 147

Muhammad Asif - Pakistan Muhammad Asif - Pakistan IBSF Media

Muhammad Asif from Pakistan missed the possible 147 in third frame of doubles while playing against team India in Quarter finals match.

team Pakistan was in complete attacking mood and starting from first frame, Asif compiled two small breaks to put 70 points on board and when he missed, Manan Chandra had chance to cover with four reds on table but after scoring 25 points, he missed and frame went to team Pakistan.

Second frame was also replica of first frame but this time, Muhammad Sajjad and Brijesh Damani were in front. The frame settled at 67-25 in favour of Pakistan.

Leading 2-Nil team Pakistan entered into doubles frame and after a dicey attempt on red by Brijesh, Asif got a chancce that he, without wasting any time, started scoring with an eye on possible 147 as the balls were placed in perfect position.

After taking 8 blacks, Asif fall short for black. He had no other chance rather choosing blue pot, he potted the blue and continued on break, but after potting one more black he missed the another on total score 79.

Though his break ended but the team Pakistan convincingly won the match and entered into semis.

Speaking to IBSF after the match, Asif said "Our opponents were so strong, I cannot even think to take a chance, that's why I opted to settle on blue rather going for maximum". "The balls were so open that Chandra could have cleared, if I had given him a chance." He further added.

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