Vivek Pathak - Media Officer, IBSF

Vivek Pathak - Media Officer, IBSF

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Darren Morgan continues crafting big breaks

The Master Darren Morgan continued demonstrating his break building technique.  In today's match he crafted breaks of 76, 89 and 59 in all three frames to edge out Ivan Attard of Malta 3-0. His break building technique is great tutorial for many to learn from.

Wendy Jans demonstrated excellence of game

Defending Champion, Wendy Jans of Belgium demonstrated excellence of game and produced four breaks in three frames to thrash out Nikoleta Nikolova of Bulgaria 3-0. Earlier in the tournament Wendy had been threatened by Siripaporn and had to struggle to wing. But today was another day. In the first frame itself Wendy’s breaks of 54 and 50 were enough indication to her opponent that the match would be a short one and she made it come true by producing two breaks of 32 and 31 points in successive frames to seal the match 3-0.

Kuwata causes upset; Vidya continues her winning streak

The big upset of the day was from the cue of Tetsuya Kuwata of Japan who defeated former World No.4 Soheil Vahedi of Iran. With an opening break of 83 points, Tetsuya exhibited his talent and made it clear that he was not intimidated by Vahedi’s achievements. Though Vahedi  rose to the challenge and leveled the score line by winning the next frame but after that it was Tetsuya all always. He never allowed Vahedi into the match again as he maintained a good lead in remaining frames and succeeded in creating a massive depression in the Iranian camp.

Black ball win for Irina Gorbataya

The Russian ace cueist Irina Gorbataya's match against Yana Shut of Belarus swung like a pendulum with both the players winning the alternate frames. Though Irina did have a chance in the fourth frame to close the proceedings but Yana ended the game and forced the decider to be laid on the green baize. The fifth frame was so fiercely fought that it all came down to the black ball and in the end it was Irina who held her nerves better and  potted the much needed black ball to win the match 3-2.

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