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Vivek Pathak - Media Officer, IBSF

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Wael Talaat set a Record High Break in 6Reds

Egyptian player Wael Talaat becomes the first player in the history of 6Reds snooker to score break of 83 points. The maximum possible in 6Reds is 75 but this is possible with the free ball after foul committed by the opponent and the same happened in this match as well.

Rafath Habib hits high break of the day in 6Reds

Indian player Rafath Habib's 73 points clearance remained the high break of the day in 6Reds. He scored this break in fourth frame during his match against Alal Mimun Himad of Morocco. Though Rafath lost the match 4-3 but everybody had seen tough contest among the two to win the match.

The other big breaks during the day remained 69 & 66 by Darren Morgan (Wales), 67 each by Soheil Vahedi (Iran), Muhammad Asif (Pakistan) and Omar Alkojah (Syria) and 63 by Faisal Khan (India).

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