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Yuttapop cause first upset of World Billiards; Siddharth survive

Yuttapop Pakpoj of Thailand Yuttapop Pakpoj of Thailand IBSF Media

After successful completion of Myanmar Open Billiards Championship 2019, the World Billiards (150Up) 2019 has begun today at the Multi Sports Complex in Mandalay, Myanmar.

Most of the matches in first session went in line with the expected results but the major upset came in form of losing former Asian Billiards champion and former World No.2 in 150Up format event. Alok lost to Yuttapop Pakpoj of Thailand in straight set of games 3-0.

In appropriate to say that Alok had no chance, but he was missing the opportunities at regular intervals. On the other side, Yuttapop was compiling decent breaks on every chance and maintaining lead over Alok.

In the first game, Yuttapop compiled break of 67 and then 70 in second to take 2-0 lead. In third frame, Alok tried to recover with good compilation of 80 points break but once he missed from the settled position, Yuttapop sent another break of 100 points to secure 3-0 win in first match.

Another Indian player Siddharth Parikh survived after three hours long match. Siddharth was struggling and missing the chances too. However, in the end he survived and secured 3-1 victory over Philippines player Benjamin Guevarra.

In first game, Siddharth made break of 80 points and obtained first game lead but in next he made 54 points break to take initial lead but before he could’ve secured that game too, he missed on 146 points and lost to Benjamin.

Third frame was comparatively easy but in fourth again he did mistake on 143 points and it appeared that Benjamin may level the match, but after reaching on 130 points, Benjamin gave another chance to Siddharth, which he capitalized to win the match 3-1.

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