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Fu Lu welcomes you all in Qingdao

Fu Lu welcomes you all in Qingdao
Here comes the mascot for IBSF World U18&U21 Snooker Championships at Qingdao 2019.

The 2019 IBSF World U18 & U21 Snooker Championships will stage in Pingdu, Qingdao for the first time in the history. It is reported that the tournament organizing committee to the public to solicit the mascot design manuscript, a total of 21 provinces (Municipalities and autonomous regions) received from the mascot hundreds of manuscripts since this March, the public response is warm. The mascot image was based on the shortlisted works and the opinions of the organizing committee were fully solicited. Finally, Doris Hu's design works broke out of the tight circle and has been chosen to be the official mascot image of this tournament. After weeks of design improvements, the 2019 IBSF World U18 & U21 Snooker Championships mascot has finally been unveiled.

The bucks are strong, confident and wild with good impact and organization. The buck also represents agility, sharpness and penetration.

This wheat on the head means to harvest, harvest victory; Colorful antlers like elves, pray for everything around, meaning colorful life, sports change life; Deer and lu (The spelling of Chinese pinyin) homophonic, a symbol of good luck and longevity, healthy and positive.

This cute little buck has been named as Fu Lu, short and powerful, an ambassador for "sport +," with the slogan "make sport a habit, change your life with habit." It is a gifted spirit, so that everyone can find the best of their own; It is the mentor of movement, the capacity for every possible achievement;

He is the face of the 2019 IBSF World U18 & U21 Snooker Championships. His name is Fu Lu.
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