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USA start with win in the IBSF World Team Cup 2019

TEAM USA: Ajeya Prabhakar & Ahmed Aly Elsayed TEAM USA: Ajeya Prabhakar & Ahmed Aly Elsayed IBSF Media

IBSF World Team Cup 2019 hosted by Qatar Billiards and Snooker Federation and sanctioned by IBSF has begun today in the QBSF Billiards and Snooker Academy in Doha.

Total 18 teams from 17 countries covering all five regions were inviting for their participation and they are now here in Doha to compete for the total prize fund of USD 40000 and the winner team will get USD 10000.

As the best teams from all region are here in competition, obviously it is the time to witness quality snooker game in single arena.

Today in the firsts match, Team USA (Ajeya Prabhakar and Ahmed Aly Elsayed) defeated Team Russia (Ivan Kakovskii and Mikhail Terekhov) 3-1.

First frame between Ivan and Elsayed was very close and went to USA by single point (44-43). The second frame, however, won by Mikhail with an ease against Ajeya 60-16, but there after USA dominated the doubles to maintain the lead.

Though Russia had chances in fourth frame to make a comeback but few unforced errors and couple of silly mistakes gave chances to Elsayed, who played quite balance game and defeated Mikhail 62-49 and registered first win for USA.

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