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India-2 Masters wins crucial opening match; Alok potted the last black to close proceedings

Alok Kumar from India Alok Kumar from India IBSF Media

The World Team Snooker Championship 2018 started today morning at Jaz Grand Marsa hotel in Marsa Alam, Egypt. The first session was having matches of masters and women category and the most crucial match of first session was between United Arab Emirates-1 (Mohamed Shehab / Mohamed Al-Joaker) and India-2 (Alok Kumar / Rafath Habib).

The match itself had four heavy-weight players and ofcourse got good crowed to witness the match.

UAE got the first damage when despite having lead Shehab lost seeing excellent potting of Alok. Shehab was leading when he missed the last red. From there Alok cleared that to win the frame 73-61. In next frame his partner Rafath Habib also complimented his partner and controlled well to pocket second frame.

Down 2 frames, Team UAE played third scotch-doubles frame with good strategy to keep India on single digit score to cut the deficit 1-2.

Though India wasn’t interested to keep it longer and in fourth reverse single frame, Rafath made a classy break of 59 points and then played a good safety.

In that situation, there was a masterclass from Shehab, who doubled the red and got perfect position to score break of 61 points break to bring back the match at par once again.

In deciding frame Alok missed a crucial red after scoring 28 points. From there Joaker scored total 57 points in two visits and then played safe.

In that situation, Alok controlled the game in style and potted Red followed by Green and then remaining colours till blue. He required both Pink and Black to win the match whereas Joaker was in need of only one pink.

When Alok played safe, Joaker placed a perfect snooker but remained unlucky because Alok broke that and got pink potted as bonus.

After couple of safe shots, Alok once again got an opportunity to pot straight long black, which he did precisely to close the proceedings 3-2.
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