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Bilal wins the first championship of Asian Tour

Bilal wins the first championship of Asian Tour IBSF Media
Mohammad Bilal of Pakistan has won the first championship of Asian Tour 10Reds Snooker 2018. In the final he defeated Brendan O’Donoghue of Ireland in a one-sided affair 6-1.

Despite having a good lead, first frame slipped from the hands of Brendan when he missed a simple yellow for the colour clearance. For Bilal yellow and green were perfectly placed and faced no problem in potting that. Though brown was slightly tricky but he played fantastic shot to take that brown and maintained proper position for blue followed by pink and black to tie the score. In black re-spot, Bilal asked Brendan to break, which he played standard safety shot. Though Bilal wasn’t interested in spending much time in safety, he attempted to double the black in centre pocket and succeeded to take 1-0 lead.

Brendan countered him in second frame with a decent break of 48 points to bring himself back into the game. Though that was the only frame for Brendan as after that Bilal posted two breaks of 46 and 42 in next two frames to take 3-1 lead.

Bilal was in brilliant form and exhibiting quality potting to score almost from everywhere. Such efforts helped him in frame wins and he scored two more breaks towards the end curtailing Brendan on zero score to win the title 6-1 and claim the winner’s prize money of US $ 12,000/-.

Second championship of this year’s Asian Tour will take place in China during the last week of October. Details will be published very soon.

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