Advani hits 138 break on way to World Snooker knockouts

Pankaj Advani - India Pankaj Advani - India IBSF Media
Two-time world snooker champion from India and one of the strong title contender in this event, Pankaj Advani compiled a tournament highest break of 138 so far, in the last frame of his last group stage. He surpassed the previous best of 136 set by Igor Figueiredo of Brazil few days ago.
Today’s match against Victor Sarkis of Brazil was entirely one-sided with the massive break in the last frame. There was in-off on first shot of Victor leaving one red near the green pocket. He potted that from D to reach for blue and then started picking up each ball precisely to clear the table with 138 points. Most of the time he spent on top-table crafting this astonishing break.

Advani has now entered in the Last-64 single elimination round winning 16 frames in four matches at the deficit of two, each to Khamis Alobaidli of Qatar and Karl Fitzpatrick of Ireland.
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