Advani enters the knockout stage as top-seed for 150Up World Billiards

Pankaj Advani - India Pankaj Advani - India IBSF Media

Defending Champion, Pankaj Advani of India has reached in the Last-12 single-elimination round of 2017 IBSF World Billiards 150Up Championship.

In group stage, Advani stayed undefeated in all the four matches he played. He hasn’t lost a single game that helped him in obtaining top seed place for the single elimination round. Today the last league match he played against his compatriot Brijesh Damani who gave good fight.

The second game was crucial where Brijesh Brijesh countered him with two worthy breaks of 54 and 61 points to score 147, but before he could’ve claimed that game, missed an easy cannon that allowed Advani back into the game and won by 3 points.

After that he made break of 99 in third game to win 3-nil and obtained top-seed slot.

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