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Billiards initiates the Route-to-Success - PARIS 2024 OLYMPICS

PICTURE: Farouk Barki , Jean Pierre Guiraud, Diane Wild, Pierre Reynaert , Fernando Requena, Rainer Selgrath. PICTURE: Farouk Barki , Jean Pierre Guiraud, Diane Wild, Pierre Reynaert , Fernando Requena, Rainer Selgrath.

LAUSANNE 2017, November 2nd
WCBS will Present its candidacy, supported by a structured process of the French Federation
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From the moment in Lima that the International Olympic Committee granted Paris the organization of the Summer Games in 2024 and Los Angeles in 2028, the French Billiards Federation installed a working group dedicated for the lobby and promotion of Billiards to be proposed by the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee.

Starting next Summer, according to the IOC rules, the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee, will have the opportunity to request additional sports disciplines to enter the Olympic Games.

From there on, a process of applications and selections will follow, from the received candidacies.

WCBS and the French Federation, together with the world of Billiards – International Federations, Clubs and companies involved – will be involved in the giant task of presenting the best and most promising candidacy.

We learned from our mistakes in our first experience for TOKIO 2020. The situation is now different. France was the original promotor of Carom Billiards - now after 200 years worldwide spread. The children of the first-generation pioneers, will use all means and power to show the magnitude and level that our sport reached at present, in the greatest World sport contest.

A first meeting took place at the La Baule 2017 3-Cushion World Cup, between Members of WCBS - Mr. Farouk Barki, Miss Diane Wild and Mr. Fernando Requena - and of the French Billiards Federation – Mr. Jean-Pierre Guiraud and Mr. Pierre Reynaert – covering the first line of tasks for the preparation of the candidacy of Billiards, that will be presented by WCBS in due time.

WCBS and UMB committed themselves in their efforts to support the French Federation in this common project.

UMB President and WCBS Vice-President - Mr. Farouk Barki -announced at the closing ceremony of 2017 La Baule World Cup, to concentrate all efforts in the years leading to 2024 Paris Olympics to a successful achievement, hopefully leading to a most welcome satisfaction of our billiards fan, Worldwide.

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