Felix Frede enters knockout

Felix Frede - Germany Felix Frede - Germany IBSF Media

German player Felix Frede had meagre chances to confirm knockout stage berth for the 2017 IBSF World 6Reds, which he grabbed by winning two frames of his last league match.

His group had a big cluster of ups and down where he along with Faisal Khan of India and Hisham Rashid Alsaqer of Bahrain were in contest to qualify as No.2 from the group.

Felix had won his match against Hisham earlier and as Faisal had lost his two matches, he was in need of two frames to get in the knockout stage irrespective of match result, which he did to step in the knockout.

The other player from the group Hisham Rashid also fought hard in other match against Ahmed Samir of Egypt and made it 3-all but couldn’t save the match, which he was in need to qualify, and made an exit from the competition.

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