Samir clears first hurdle in World 6Reds

Ahmed Samir - Egypt Ahmed Samir - Egypt IBSF Media

Egyptian player Ahmed Samir won an important match to take 1-0 lead in his group of 2017 IBSF World 6Reds Snooker championship here at Hotel Pyramisa Sahl Hashish Resorts, Hurghada, Egypt.

Samir was down by one frame while playing against Indian player, Faisal Khan. In second frame he made a good recovery and won the next frame 43-18 to come at par.

Third frame had a close call that went till the last black where Samir succeeded to pot the last black and won it 39-32 to take 2-1 lead.

Though Faisal chased it well and levelled the match 2-2 but in next two frames Samir controlled well to score 38-23, 30-17 to register 4-2 win over Faisal.

Now it is important for Faisal to win both of his matches to stay in competition whereas Samir is in slightly better position to qualify for the knockout stage

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