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China rocks with five centuries before knockout qualification; Zhang missed the MAXIMUM

Luo Honghao, Zhang Jiankang and Fan Zhengyi - China Luo Honghao, Zhang Jiankang and Fan Zhengyi - China IBSF Media

Chinese boys really performed well in the last round of Under-21 group stage matches where Luo Honghao, Zhang Jiankang and Fan Zhengyi showered centuries at the same time that created loud applaud in the venue.

All three have qualified as toppers in their respective groups whereas Luo Honghoa also secured the top seed place for the last 32 knockouts.

Luo Honghao was playing against Hong Kong player Yun Fung Tam on table 9 and started showering breaks from the first frame itself. After having 122 points break in first frame, he sent two more i.e. 133 and 109 in next two to take 3-0 lead. Having that kind of performance, it wasn’t that difficult for him to claim fourth frame also to close the proceedings 4-nil.

When Luo was busy in crafting these breaks, the other Chinese boys Fan Zhengyi and Zhang Jiankang also contributed with 117 and 112 respectively on adjacent tables.

Fan Zhengyi crafted the break of 117 in third frame of his match against Markus Pfistermüller of Austria. Though he attempted another century break in next frame but missed the red after scoring 91.

But the biggest miss was by Zhang Jiankang who was potentially went for the MAXIMUM 147 but unfortunately landed the last red and cue ball in a line on bottom cushion. In attempt to pot that red in green pocket and to go for black, he missed the pot and finished the break on 112.

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