Keerath defeated Yana to cause biggest upset of tournament

Keerath Bhandaal - India Keerath Bhandaal - India IBSF Media

Indian player Keerath Bhandaal caused biggest upset in the last session of the day when she defeated 2015 IBSF World Under-18 Women champion and one of the title favourite, Yana Shut of Belarus.

Keerath must be aware what calibre player Yana is, hence she placed calculative moves in most of her shots. She was making sure herself before playing every shot and most of the time she was correct on her shots. And if she was not sure, placed good safety.

On the other side, Yana had chances in first frame, but she fall short. The second frame was completely one-sided in favour of Keerath.

In third frame, Yana was leading initially but Keerath curtailed her with the progress of the match and finally closed the proceeding 3-nil leaving some disappointment in Belarus camp.

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