Eniya Prosvetova wins crucial match to stay in title race

Eniya Prosvvetova - Russia Eniya Prosvvetova - Russia IBSF Media

Eniya Prosvetova from Russia won her first match of 2017 IBSF World Under-21 Women Snooker Championship by defeating Indian challenge Itlapuram Lahari 3-2.

The match progressed considerably slow and continued as carry over in next session too. But in overall Eniya maintained her control over the match and at last succeeded to win that.

Eniya had lost the first frame by a big margin but later she managed to pull out next frame by merely 5 points. However, the third frame remained easy for her to take 2-1 lead over Lahari. In next session, Lahari managed to set decider by winning the fourth frame but Eniya held her nerves better in the last frame and maintained her lead throughout. Finally she converted that lead into her match win.

Immediately after that Eniya played another match against Nikolly Kyriacopoulo of Brazil. Though she couldn’t save the match but managed to clinch one frame that keeps her hopes alive to qualify for the knockout stage of 2017 IBSF World Under-21 Women Snooker Championship

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