Indian girls, Ishika and Keerthana enters the medals round

Ishika Shah and Keerthana Pandian - India Ishika Shah and Keerthana Pandian - India IBSF Media

In World Open Under-18 Women Snooker championship, both the Indian girls, Ishika Shah and Keerthana Pandian, have confirmed medals for their country. Ishika defeated Russian girl 3-1, and Keerthana also knocked out Nikolly Kyriacopoulo of Brazil with an identical score 3-1.

Ishika, after winning the first frame, couldn’t got thru multiple snookers in second frame and lost that. However, she controlled the match then and won remaining frames with clear potting and planting outstanding snookers.

On adjacent table, Keerthana Pandian was leading by nearly 35 points in first frame when Nikolly recovered and planted some well-placed snookers to return to the game and taken 1-0 lead.

It was an alarming situation for Keerthana and after that she played cautiously and won rest of the three frames despite having strong opposition from Nikolly.

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