Diana Chernikova managed to qualify for knockout

Diana Chernikova - Russia Diana Chernikova - Russia IBSF Media

Russian girl, Diana Chernikova, has won her important match to qualify for knockout stage. She beat Indian girl Anupama Ramachandran 2-0 to finish No.3 in her group.

It wasn’t that easy for Diana as Anupama was in good position and in need of only one frame to qualify. Hence, Diana kept scoring at regular intervals to maintain her lead over Anupama.

On the otherside, Anupama had some chance to set decider by winning second frame but cushion stuck pink and cue-ball forced both of them to exchange few safe shots and finally Diana potted that pink to qualify for knockout stage.

Though Diana has to play one more match today but in any case that result will not be affecting her qualification status.

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