Narongdat worked hard to stay group topper

Narongdat Takantong - Thailand Narongdat Takantong - Thailand IBSF Media

Narongdat Takantong of Thailand spent some hard time in the last league match against Niel Vincent of France before finishing off as topper in Group K.

It was must-win situation for Neil to qualify for the knockout. Hence he started the match with first frame win. However, Narongdat replied that deficit with two frames win to take 2-1 lead.

In fourth frame, Narongdat chased a lead of 45 set by Nei, but on 38 he missed out blue pot, which he played from cushion stuck cue ball. Neil grabbed that chance to set decider but missed on green.

After exchange of few safe shots, Narondgat potted the green followed by other colours till pink but missed an easy black that he required to clear his match.

And finally in decider, Narongdat placed 56 points break to win the match and qualify for knockout as group leader

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