Gilchrist moving ahead eyeing for Grand Double

Peter Gilchrist - Singapore Peter Gilchrist - Singapore IBSF Media

Keeping his hopes alive for the Grand double, Singaporean player Peter Gilchrist storms into the medals round of 2016 World Billiards Championship’s Point format here at Bengaluru, India.

Today once again he met the Long-Up format finalist Sourav Kothari of India in the quarter final stage and knocked him out 5-2.

Must say this remained one of the best match played in this year’s point format event where total 7 century breaks were recorded by both the players.

The first game itself was quite competitive and had a close finish. Peter missed out on 141 and Sourav returned the same with a miss on 144. Lastly Peter secured the game by scoring balance 9 points. Later Gilchrist compiled two breaks of 115 and 85 to win next two game and take up his lead to 3-nil.

The fourth game Sourav secured by posting break of 104 points when Peter missed after scoring 113. After that Sourav made a strong comeback in fifth game with a break of 146 but before he could seal the game, missed off-cushion cannon. In that situation Peter compiled an outstanding break of 80 points but went out of position and missed a long one cushion cannon. Lastly Sourav scored balance 4 to make it 2-3.

The lead was already curtailed and Peter was not interested in extending any loose string to Sourav. Without wasting much time, firstly he scored two breaks of 62 and 73 to secure sixth game and then a massive 138 to close the proceedings 5-2.

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