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Aung Htay eliminates Rupesh; Chit Ko dashed Praput

Aung Htay and Chit Ko Ko - Myanmar Aung Htay and Chit Ko Ko - Myanmar IBSF Media

Myanmar player Aung Htay caused the first upset of knockout stage by sending home the two-time world champion Rupesh Shah of India from the Last-16 stage of 2016 IBSF World Billiards championship (Point Format).

Though the score line reflects one-sided affair in favour of Htay but in real it remained a close contest and three out of four games went pretty close.

It must have remained an unexpected result for Shah also as he was scoring heavily but every time he committed a mistake, Htay punished him severely.

In first game Shah scored a break of 94 but a chance was enough for Htay to respond with 105 and seal the game.

Though Shah couldn’t do much in second game and Htay obtained 2 games lead by crafting breaks of 53 and 66 in second game. The third game also saw break of 96 from Shah but another miss punished by Htay with two well-crafted breaks of 78 and 58 and took the lead to 3-nil.

Desperation of having a breakthrough was evidently mounted on Shah and he went for a big break but once again he falter after having a 120 and 5 points short to 150, Htay controlled the game and caused the biggest upset of morning session.

Meanwhile another player from Myanmar, Chit Ko Ko rallied good breaks against former World Champion Praput Chaithanasukan of Thailand and thrashed him 4-1.

He scored breaks of 96, 73, 97 and 138 in last four games to take away the entire match one-sided. However, Praput scored two breaks of 55 in opening game and 65 in fifth but that was not enough to stop the storm named Chit Ko.

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