Gilchrist walks smoothly into semis

Peter Gilchrist - Singapore Peter Gilchrist - Singapore IBSF Media

Peter Gilchrist walked smoothly into the semi-finals round of the 2016 IBSF World Billiards Long-Up format by defeating the Englishman Robert Hall in an almost one-sided affair.

Robert in first two visits scored two breaks of 48 and 45 followed by 91 to score total 186 but after that Gilchrist flooded with breaks of 164, 83, 93, 144, 13 and 87 to take a giant leap over against Hall.

However, Hall tried to make a comeback but his break ended at 131 and Gilchrist posted break of 97 followed by another 100 to close the proceedings 1000-347 and confirm his berth for Semis.

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