Snooker maestro Vahedi, enjoying Billiards

Soheil Vahedi - Iran Soheil Vahedi - Iran IBSF Media

Recently crowned with World Snooker amateur title and having earned the Pro Tour card for the next seasion, the Iranian fancied player Soheil Vahedi is in India for the ongoing 2016 IBSF World Billiards championship at Bengaluru.

He had a mixed day of results in Billiards on first day with one win and one lose. In the morning session he played against the French player Akhilesh Mohan and trounced him by nearly 200 points, but in the late evening session, he lost to the 10 time world champion Pankaj Advani in a one-sided affair 502-66.

After having vast achievements in Snooker, why Billiards? When asked this question to the Iranian maestro, he smiled and answered “I came here to learn billiards from the best players like Pankaj, Peter and others”.

Further he added, “When you play safety, some of the snooker players does not realize that they have to control the object ball as well. In billiards, we also learn to control all three balls, and when we play safety in snooker, we control the object ball first and then the cue-ball. That’s why I play billiards to learn control over the object ball and it also helps me in honing the cue action and follow through, which is essential for my game of snooker”.

He is in a group of five players and looking forward to earn entry in knockout stage of Long Up format before concentrating on short version i.e. 150 Up.

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