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Hall posts good win over Bhaskar

Robert Hall - England Robert Hall - England IBSF Media

Robert Hall from England was in an attacking form and posted two back to back century breaks to trounce Indian player B. Bhaskar by 213 points. The final score was 500-287.

Bhaskar, however, had obtained good lead over Hall by posting century break of 118 points, but after that Hall controlled the entire match with two outstanding breaks of 116 and 113, not only to recover but to gain handsome lead.

Although Bhaskar had few chances for recovery but couldn’t got thru any big break further. He had no other option except to bow-down as Hall posted one more break of 61 points to close the match proceedings in his favour.

Myanmar player Aung Htay caused some turbulence in the way of Indian national champion Sourav Kothari but at the end Kothari held his nerve better to win 502-364.

When Htay posted break of 132 points and moved ahead of Kothari, it appeared that we may see another upset of the day, but timely Kothari put his foot down firmly before Htay lay on any claim.

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