Impressive play by Paula Judge

Paula Judge - Ireland Paula Judge - Ireland IBSF Media

Certainly no one can judge how recently Paula has started playing snooker. The ways she is playing on her début in the 2016 IBSF World Women Snooker Championship here at Doha, her approach towards the game is nowhere less than a professional snooker player. She strokes well and does control the cue-ball properly as per the required shot.

Indeed she has the legacy of snooker as her elder brother Michael Judge is a professional snooker player from Ireland and must have given some tutorials to her.

Though Paula had lost three out of four matches she played, but the way she is playing has impressed everybody. None of her match finished without a tough competition. Today also she took on the reigning World 6Reds and Under-21 Champion, Siripaporn Nuanthakhamjan of Thailand and snatched away the first frame crafting a small but very effective break of 32 points.

Because Sirpaporn is much experienced and established player, she controlled rest of the proceedings but Paula did not give any loose string till the end. Now she is left with one more match and have good chances to qualify for the knockout stage.

The way IBSF is exploring more opportunities for women players, they are also reciprocating with their unparalleled performances. This year ten new women players have come to participate from different parts of the world and we hope to see more such participation in the years to come.

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