Mateusz wins crucial match against Pagett

Mateusz Baranowski - Poland Mateusz Baranowski - Poland IBSF Media

Mateusz Baranowski from Poland advanced to the knockout stage after defeating Welshman Andrew Pagett 4-3.

Mateusz had already lost one match against Indian player Sundeep Gulati and this match was essentially important to eradicate any possibility of disqualification for the knockout stage.

He must have done preparations for that as he started up the match with an impressive break of 76 points and capitalized first two frames 88(76)-00, and 70-02.

Although Andrew is also known for his crackling performance in the world of snooker, taken over the command and posted break of 64 points to cut the deficit 1-2 and more so won the next frame too to level the match once again.

The fifth frame was quite dicey as both missed few chances to get control, which made the frame slightly scrappy but in the end Mateusz managed to seal that by 9 points.

However, Andrew once again curtailed and set the decider but couldn’t take it away as Mateusz, on the chance he got, posted the winning break of 58 points and confirmed his berth for the knockouts.

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