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Fabulous start of Day four with two 132 breaks by Masters

Darren Morgan - Wales and Aidan Owens - England Darren Morgan - Wales and Aidan Owens - England IBSF Media

The fourth day of the competition starts up with two high breaks and this time both the breaks came from the masters category.

Two players from Europe i.e. Aidan Owens (England) and Darren Morgan (Wales) have crafted similar breaks of 132 points. These breaks are actually the first century breaks of this years' masters competition.

Aidan compiled this break in the opening frame of his match against Nazeer Thuwan Saldeen of Sri Lanka whereas former world champion Darren Morgan also scored the same 132 in the last frame of his match against Jeff Szafransky of United States of Amarica.

However, it took some time to confirm the points of this break as the referee recorded 128 whereas the player claimed 132. The confusion raised because the referee miscalculated 4 as foul which actually did not happen. Later the scoring system was cross checked and found that the claim of player is true.

Now both the players have equal high break of the competition till the new one arrives.

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