Tatjana faces some turbulence against the debutant Zeet Huey Chai

Zeet Huey Chai (Singapore) and Tatjana Vasiljeva (Latvia) Zeet Huey Chai (Singapore) and Tatjana Vasiljeva (Latvia) IBSF Media

Singaporean girl Zeet Huey Chai is here in Doha for the first time in the World Championship. Or she might the first women player from Singapore into an IBSF even.

In her first ever World Championship, she gave tough fight to former European Champion Tatjana Vasiljeva from Latvia.

From the start Zeet shown some clear potting and scored good points but close to finish the frame, Tatjana managed to pull off on colours scoring 56 against 42. In next frame, Zeet curtailed well and won that frame 44-35.

By that time Tatjana must have realized what calibre player Zeet is and accordingly would have decided her move. That reflected in her game as well as she posted a worthy break of 57 points to stay ahead of Zeet.

Despite all efforts by Zeet in fourth frame, Tatjana maintained her lead and kept accelerating till she haven't closed the proceedings 3-1.

On the other side, Ng On Yee was on fire as she shown constant potting to her opponent Kerry De Pradines of Australia. On Yee made three breaks of 47, 39 and 43 in all three frames to win 3-nil.

So far she has played two matches and won both without losing a frame and now she stands at par with Wendy Jans, Amee Kamani and Chitra Magimairaj who have also won two matches each without losing a frame.

It will be interesting to see, who will grab the top seed slot.

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