Alexsandra faced world champion on her International début

Alexsandra faced world champion on her International début

The youngest player of the competition Alexsandra Riabinina from Russia got her first international ladies snooker match against the multiple time world champion Wendy Jans of Belgium.

Alexsandar is just 11-year-old and to reach on table she uses specially designed high-sole pair of shoe, but the most important is her determination and passion for snooker.

Despite having one of the toughest opponent Alexsandra was completely focused on her task and impressed the spectators with her scoring shots. Though she lost the match one-sided but in each frame she kept the score-board rolling. The score-line was 38-77, 16-50 and 26-72 before she exit from the match arena.

Meanwhile the other Thai players, Nutcharat Wongharuthai and Siripaporn Nuanthakhamjan won their respective matches. Where Nutcharat managed a small break of 37, Siripaporn was on fire and picked up two breaks of 35 and a mammoth 94 against So Man Yan of Hong Kong. Though So Man Yan pulled the third frame on black ball but after that Siripaporn did not give chances and sealed the frame 745-34 to win 3-1.

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