Sarkhosh made magnificent breaks. Senzahi scored first century

Sarkhosh made magnificent breaks. Senzahi scored first century

Amir Sarkhosh from Iran was on fire and scored three magnificent breaks to win his match 4-2 against Mongolian player Enkhjargal Enkhbaatar. Though Enkhjargal tried to curtail Sarkhosh and pulled out two frames but Sarkhosh had excellent break building technique as he scored 82, 81 and 91 points clearances to close the proceedings.

In another match, Mohammad Rais Senzahi of Afghanistan has opened his account with the first century break of this competition. He made 103 points clearance in the third frame of his match against Akdi Soulaimane of Morocco. Eventually he won the match 4-nil.

Meanwhile the defending champion Pankaj Advani from India was on a good run and won his match 4-nil against Brazilian player Victor Sarkis. Though all the frames were one-sided but in second frame Advani had to score 59 points break to surpass 55 points of Victor to seal that 91-55

In Masters category multiple time world champion Darren Morgan faced some turbulence in the opening frame that he later won on black ball but after that it was smooth sailing for him and he closed match proceedings 3-nil by winning next two frames 67-26 and 86-39.

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