Lukas grinds well before medals round

Lukas Kleckers - Germany Lukas Kleckers - Germany

Lukas Kleckers of Germany grinded well in the match before reaching the medals round of World Under-21 Boys Snooker championship 2016 at Mol, Belgium.

Lukas met former Under-21 bronze medallist Yuan Sijun of China in the quarter finals and gave a good start pocketing first two frames with a break of 51 in opening frame. But soon, Yuan responded well by winning next two frames and levelled the match again. An alternate frame win after that continues the level playing stage at 3-all.

Yuan once again bounced back after losing seventh frame and managed to set decider constructing break of 60 points. In decider, he was close to victory but missed on 31 and Lukas converted that last chance into a brilliant break of 72 points to confirm medal.

He will now take on another Chinese player and top-seed Xu Si in semi-finals. Xu Si reached in the semis defeating Richard Haney of England 5-1.

The next semi will be between Ka Wai Cheung of Hong Kong and Alexander Ursenbacher of Switzerland. Where Cheung beat Chris Totten of Scotland 5-2, Alexander knocked out Ashutosh Padhy of India.

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