First International century break for Kyrgyzstan

Mukhamed Karimberdi Uulu - Kyrgyzstan Mukhamed Karimberdi Uulu - Kyrgyzstan

It can easily be understood that how a good initiative works and delivers good results. With the start of World championship for Under-18 youngsters, IBSF is now getting to know how much hidden talent is there in different parts of the world.

Kyrgyzstan, who never participated in IBSF championships before, has decided to send their player for World Under-18 Snooker championship at Belgium and glad to see that their player Mukhamed Karimberdi Uulu not only qualified for the knockout stage but also scored a brilliant century break before making an exit from the competition.

Yesterday Mukhamed qualified from his group as No.2 and placed in Last-64 stage against Indian challenge Digvijay Kadian. Ofcourse Kadian being a much refined player had already taken a 3-nil lead but in fourth frame, Mukhamed shocked him by crafting a scantling century break, which eventually become Kyrgyzstan’s first century break at International level. He did not stop there and pocketed one more frame before losing to Digvijay and making an exit from the competition.

IBSF is happy to see that this initiative to hold championship for Under-18 youngsters is growing and growing bigger.

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