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Indian-1 beat title defender Thailand to set final with HongKong1

India-1 Vs. Hong Kong-1 - Women Final India-1 Vs. Hong Kong-1 - Women Final IBSF Media

Team India-1 (Vidya Pillai and Amee Kamani) were in good form today morning while playing Semi-final of Women Team event and defeated previous champions Siripaporn Nuanthakhamjan and Waratthanun Sukritthanes of Thailand in straight set of frames 3-0.

Though the match did not see any big break but Indian pair constantly curtailed Thai girls since the start resulted in Amee Kamani pocketed the first frame 66-40 to gain first lead.

The leading lady from India, Vidya Pillai also geared up and took lead in second frame and maintained that till the last to defeat Waratthanun 69-42.

Being on steady run, both the Indian girls scored well in doubles frame too to attain handsome lead leaving Thai girls way behind and secured the final berth defeating Thailand 76-22 in last frame.

They will now meet the Hong Kong pair,  Ng On Yee and Ka Kai Wan, who have won next Semi Final defeating another Indian team, Varsha Sanjeev and Arantxa Sanchis, on black ball game in the decider frame.

Ng On Yee and Ka Kai Wan were looking clear winner as they both have secured first two frames comfortably but then Indian pair bounced back and pulled the doubles frame 83-52 with a break of 38 points.

In fourth frame Ka Kai Wan had taken very good lead of nearly 45 points but Varsha held her nerve strong and scored an outstanding break of 30 points to get closer to the lead. Later she curtailed Ka Kai Wan playing superb safety and brilliant potting to level the match once again.

The decider was also played at high level where Ng On Yee and Arantxa Sanchis, both tightened the string but in the end, Ng On Yee won on black ball to step ahead in the final.

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