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Jamie scores 131 to set new high break for 2016 Men Team Snooker

Jamie Clarke - Wales Jamie Clarke - Wales IBSF Media

The Welsh favourite Jamie Clarke, set new high break for this year’s Men Team Snooker Championship by crafting 131 in second frame of the match against India’s S. Dilip Kumar.

His team-mate, Andrew Pagett had already won the first frame and in next, immediately after getting the first chance, Jamie went for ball to ball game and precisely picked up each ball to make a complete clearance of 131 points. With this he surpassed the previous high break of 108 points made by Team China (jointly).

The Welsh duo did not stop there and crafted break of 54 points in doubles frame too to secure the match win. However, Jamie lost the last frame against Lucky Vatnani, who cracked up with a break of 40 points to gain 47 points lead. Though Jamie made brilliant comeback and went ahead but unfortunately failed to pot the last black and lost the frame. Team Wales won the match 4-1.

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