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India-2 pulled crucial match against Hong Kong

Team India - 2 :: Arantxa Sanchis & Varsha Sanjeev Team India - 2 :: Arantxa Sanchis & Varsha Sanjeev IBSF Media

Despite having fever, Indian girl Varsha Sanjeev shown courage to come and play match alongiwth her team-mate Arantxa Sanchis, and defeated Hong Kong’s best team comprises of Ng On Yee and Ka Kai Wan.

Though Varsha had lost the first frame against former World Champion, Ng On Yee but that did not dither her partner Arantxa at all and in second frame she defeated Ka Kai Wan 78-53 to level the match.

In doubles frame, both the Indian girls played really well and won to take 2-1 lead. It was crucial fourth frame where Varsha faced Ka Kai Wan and downed her 60-37 to secure the match. Though Ng On Yee won the last frame 72-13 against Arantxa but Team India had already won 3-2.

On the other side, Team Russia-1 comprises of Daria Sirotina and Anastasia Nechaeva defeated Team India 1 (Vidya Pillai and Amee Kamani) 3-2.

After losing first frame, Daria come up with a worthy break of 35 points to level the match. In next frame they jointly crafted break of 44 points to gain 2-1 lead.

Daria kept the momentum in fourth frame too and this time she defeated another Indian girl, Amee Kamani to secure the match 63-39.

However, in last frame, Vidya Pillai made 49 points break to win the frame but that was too late as the Team India-1 had already lost the match.

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