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Indian women teams on impressive run in World Team Snooker

Team India - 1 :: Amee Kamani & Vidya Pillai Team India - 1 :: Amee Kamani & Vidya Pillai IBSF Media

Indian Women Team-1 comprises of Vidya Pillai and Amee Kamani posted first win in 2016 IBSF World Team Snooker event defeating Hong Kong Team-2 players Mei Fong Mei and Ki Ho Yee 4-1.

Amee Kamani won the first frame having score 56-15 against Mei Fong Mei. That momentum continued by Vidya Pillai in next frame who defeated Ki Ho Yee 67-30.

The Hong Kong pair fought hard in doubles frame and came close but Indian women played some best knocks and won 41-31.

Already won the match, Team India had easy run in fourth frame where Amee Kamani ousted Ki Ho Yee 56-31 but a slight setback as in last frame, despite having 17-4, Vidya lost the frame as Mei Fong Mei got an opportunity and she posted an impressive break of 32 points to somehow narrow-down the defeat margin 1-4.

Another Indian Women Team (Varsha Sanjeev and Arantxa Sanchis) also won the match 5-0. They defeated Egyptian Women team comprises of Maha Helmy and Salma Moussa. Finally Arantxa made an exciting finish of match having fabulous break of 46 points, which was ofcourse not easy, but she made it thru.

In morning session, Indian Men team Brijesh Damani and Kamal Chawla also registered 5-nil win over Egypt 14 (Mohamed El Shandawely and Hussien Abou). Kamal Chawla made 60 points break in first frame and after that they won each frame having high scoring in each frame.

Team Pakistan 2 (Mohammad Bilal and Sohail Shehzad) also won with similar scoring 5-nil over Egyptian team-15 (Mohamed Abdel Kader and Mohamed Zakzouk). It was also heavy scoring match for Team Pakistan where Mohammed Bilal made 58 points break in last frame to close the proceedings 5-0.

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