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Changezi showered breaks against Ahmed Saloomi

Shahram Changezi - Pakistan Shahram Changezi - Pakistan IBSF Media

Pakistani player Shahram Changezi crafted good breaks today in his match against Yeman player Ahmed Saloomi and defeated him 4-0.

From first frame itself, he took the charge and crafted break of 53 to win 97-0. After that he went for higher one and made 122. There was another possibility of century break in third frame but on 88 he missed the blue. By the time Ahmed had nothing much to do and lost 4-0.

Iranian player Amir Sarkhosh faced bit resistance from Greg Casey from Ireland but passed thru and won 4-2.

After losing the first frame, Amir won the next with a good margin. Third frame was interesting where Greg replied Amir's break of 59 with 73 to keep up the lead 2-1. However, Amir again imposed another break of 50 points to come at par 2-2.

From there, Amir controlled the game and won next two frames to defeat Greg 4-2.

Yuan Sijun from China made three breaks of 61, 57 and 86 to win 4-0 against Epaminondas Pouris of Cyprus.

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