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Inaugural IBSF Under-18 Snooker championships starts at Saint Petersburg

Opening Ceremony of IBSF World Under-18 Snooker Championships Opening Ceremony of IBSF World Under-18 Snooker Championships IBSF Media

The host association for Inaugural IBSF World Under-18 (Boys and Girls) Snooker Championships 2015, Federation of Billiards Sport of Russia, organized the opening ceremony at Maza Park snooker centre, where all the participants enjoyed the entertaining cultural program and delicious meal of the beautiful Russian city, Saint Petersburg.

Now the main task for these participants is to start tomorrow morning when all of them will go through the stiff competition for the next 7 days.

IBSF is happy to see the overwhelming response of participation in the first ever championships for Under-18 boys and girls.

Total 75 players from 19 countries are participating in boys group and in girls group, 27 participants from 4 countries. Amongst them, the youngest participants in boys group are of 8 years old, Andrejs Pripjoks of Latvia, Andrey Gladyk and Kirill Makaryan from Russia. In girls group, the 10 years old, Alexsandra Riabinina from Russia is participating.

Following are some pictures from the opening ceremony.

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