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Nalin, Aditya, Jaiveer and Pham joins last-16

Aditya Agrawal of India Aditya Agrawal of India

Nalin Patel of England, Nam Pham of Vietnam, Aditya Agrawal and Jaiveer Dhingra from India joined the top-12 after winning their respective outside match to complete the Pre-quarter knockout draw of 2015 IBSF World Billiards (Timed) event.

Aditya, who played against his compatriot, S. Shrikrishna made an impressive break of 252 points in the second visit itself to gain initial lead and after that he maintained that throughout the match. Though Shrikrishna put in all his efforts but couldn't do much and lastly Aditya defeated him by 190 points.

Nalin Patel was also comfortable against David Bates. Though there were no big breaks but two centuries of 166 and 126 points were enough to knockout Bates.

In other two matches, Nam Pham of Vietnam defeated David Collins 613-376; and Jaiveer Dhingra outclassed Kein Nguyen of Vietnam 545-344.

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