Wendy Jans proved her supremacy third time in row

Wendy Jans - Belgium Wendy Jans - Belgium IBSF Media

Wendy Jans of Belgium today defeated Russian Challange Anastasia Nechaeva 5-2 to win her career's fourth world title (third in a row).

Anastasia won the first frame where she made a break of 44 and Wendy replied her well by scoring 42 points break in next. Anastasia once again got on the lead 2-1 by winning one more frame but after that Wendy did not give her any chance get into game. Three consecutive breaks of 40, 43 and 30 points in next three frames were enough to break the rhythm of Anastasia.

Just one frame away from her fourth title, Wendy found no big hurdle and registered 5-2 win over Russian girl.

In women's category, it is a record that out of total 10 world championships, Wendy has reached into finals eight times and four times she converted that entry into title win.

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