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World Champion Chandsri set high break of competition (Masters)

Phisit Chandsri - Thailand Phisit Chandsri - Thailand IBSF Media

The reigning world champion (Masters) Phisit Chandsri of Thailand was impressive today and scored high break of the competition. He made 124 points break in third frame and defeated Wayne Brown of England 3-0.

Phisit scored breaks in each frame he won. Starting with 52 points break in first and 78 in second, he went for the massive 124 in third leaving Brown as a spectator only.

Brown had some scoring shots in first frame where he made 47 but in next frames he had no chances at all and scored only 5 and 1.

In Men's category, Australian player Ryan Thomerson lost the match against Omar Alkojah of Syria, despite leading 2-0. The second and third frames went close and finished on black ball game. After that Omar did not gave much scoring shots to Ryan and sealed next three games to win 4-2.

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